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Simply put into one word: Wow. This is so beautiful. The way it's dark and rainy seems to make the picture look black and white with a ...

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This is one of the most powerful and awesome pieces I have seen today. Since I am a huge fan of close ups, it stands out as tremendous ...

This is a rather nice piece, in my opinion. The camera used is very crisp and very clear, and the model is lovely to behold. I like the...


Stay Cute
Drawn in Procreate for iOS using Apple Pencil.
Took approximately 5 days.
Timelapse of sketch on my Facebook art page.
In the Crash of the Dark
“Have you ever felt like you're being followed? Or watched the ones that held your stare? Turned around to see who's behind you to find there's no one there?
Lurking in the dark is someone who breathes you night and day. There's a friend who wants so much more. But if they can't have you, they'll never let you walk away.”

Drawn in Procreate on an iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil.
Took around three days. Not my best work, but the first of this type I’ve done in a long time.
My Fallen Hero

So, hi.

You may remember me. You may have noticed a very long absence. 

Maybe not.

It doesn’t really matter. But my absence began in early 2016, initially as a result of harassment, and it flickered on and off for a while until my life devolved into complete and utter chaos, far beyond the pathetic anxiety that simple bullying had caused.

If you watch me here, I can only assume that it’s because you enjoy my creations. Once, I also enjoyed them. But my greatest creation, my muse, the most important thing in my life was a little boy. Nothing I created in my life was ever so beautiful as this child with his limitless kindness, his vast curiosity and creativity, and his intimidating intelligence. 

He kept my feet on the ground. He kept me on track. He inspired me, and he taught me. He made me laugh, he made me think, he made me want to become a better person.

There are no words in this, or any language, that can express how unfortunate it is that I only got to know him for eight short years. 

His name was Faron. He was my bright and beautiful boy. And he passed away in August, just five days after my birthday. 

I have survived hurricanes. Physical and sexual assaults. Car accidents, suicide attempts, and so many various traumas that I really don’t feel like going on and on about. The point I am attempting to make here is that none of the things I’ve been through in my life, regardless of how traumatic and soul crushing they may have been, NONE of those things has broken me like this whole experience has, and I would endure all of it again if it meant I could have him back.

We fought together for ten months. He got to see his eighth birthday. He got to take a trip to Louisiana. The whole neighborhood got together to give him a make up trick-or-treat after he had spent his Halloween in the hospital. He was so hopeful and strong. He never stopped believing that he would get better, and even when he sensed that things were getting bad, he still wanted to push forward and keep fighting, but assured me that no matter what happened to him, he would always love me.

His strength gave me strength. His optimism made me optimistic. Him believing he would get better made me believe he would get better... and maybe that was naive of me. 

When he stopped being able to fight for himself, I fought for him, tooth and nail, until the doctors went behind my back and got a power of attourney to strip away all my rights and force me to give him up.

It was all very sudden. Five months ago, he left my life suddenly. And I still don’t know how to cope with it. 

For a while, I couldn’t produce any art at all, and this just drove me deeper into a hole, since art has always been my biggest outlet for emotional release. It has gotten a bit better since then, but it still feels like all the color is gone from my life, and I have little faith in my artistic abilities. 

I still don’t know what I’m going to do about this whole deviantART thing, whether I will ever feel able to return to it. There are too many things attached to it that hurt to think about, or face.

For the last couple of years, I’ve been posting the majority of my art to a special instagram under an alias (since people would go out of their way to track down my personal account and use it as a means to attack and harass me), and every so often, if I feel what I’ve made is good enough, I’ll post something to my Facebook page. 

This painting is the last piece of art I made before my little super hero flew away to infinity and beyond. It was entered into a super hero themed art contest and won second place, for what that’s worth.

At any rate... that’s where I’ve been. I debated whether or not I should even come back to mention it and risk inconsiderate losers using it as a way to really dig into me and try to push me over the edge again... but I thought it would be an insult to his memory not to talk about him, or honor his journey. He was a remarkable person, and in my opinion, the world is an uglier place without him. 

All I can hope for now, is that one day I can be all that he was... follow in his footsteps and make the world a slightly better place by spreading that kind of warmth and sincerity that he radiated so easily. 

And that maybe someday I will stop feeling like such a useless failure... stop blaming myself and stop trying to convince myself that there was anything I could have done to stop it. 

Thank you for listening.

Happy Halloween. These guys did a wonderful job on this short film, and dedicated it to my son who passed away two months ago.
So I've been gone for, like, ever. And I'm not here to say that I'm coming back any time soon.
I just want to be up front about my absence. And I know I'm probably setting myself up for a lot of really harsh bullshit that I don't need right now, but whatever.
There are at least a couple people here that actually care and want to know this stuff, so I'm here for them, and NOT for a bunch of total dicks with nothing better to do than harass strangers on the internet.
So here goes.
When I left, I was in a very bad place. Heavily depressed, heavily suicidal, and basically just done with everything and everyone.
I moved on, got medication, got a "real" job, and had a life for awhile.
Then in October, all that progress got tossed to the wind when I found out that my 7-year-old boy has a super rare and super deadly form of brain cancer. It's called DIPG. Look it up, if you want. It's the most horrible thing possible for him. And I am more dead inside than ever.
I already almost lost him a couple of times. It's only because of me and my mom instincts that he's alive right now. And I'm thankful that, as of now, he's still here, and he's stronger and more mature about this than I ever could be. He's accepted it. But I can't. And I will fight for him until the bitter end.
So I had to quit my job, which I loved. I'm barely holding myself together. And as much as I hated my life earlier in the year, now it's just rock bottom.
Honestly, I've thought many times about ending it. But because I saved his life twice already, I know I'm the one who needs to be here for him. Because if I kill myself, I'm basically killing him as well, and there's no way in hell I'm that selfish.
So I'm still here. For now.
And that's why I've been gone. So... I guess now you know. Thank you for listening.


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